SkeletonLayout is an Android library for developers.


Users are time-sensitive and may skip an app due to long loading times and missing visual feedback. Instagram, Facebook, Google and other services tackled this problem with the so-called Skeleton View. This view is being displayed during the process of fetching or requesting data asynchronously which leads to a perceivedly more responsive app.

This library implements the Skeleton View pattern and provides an easy way for other developers to enable it in their apps.

  • Make your app feel faster: Immediate visual feedback long before your data has been fetched or requested
  • Support any View: Apply to any type of View or ViewGroup
  • RecyclerView on speed: Convenience adapter for the RecyclerView, since it is the main use case
  • Customization: Adjust shimmer, color and shape of the skeleton to set you apart from other apps
  • Minimum effort: A fistful lines of code to use the SkeletonLayout
  • Minimum footprint: Nothing more than org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib-jre7 and

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Diaguard is an Android app for people with Diabetes mellitus.

It replaces the handwritten diary and helps its users to keep track of their blood glucose and other medical data. Those information are displayed well-arranged and can be exported as PDF or CSV. An included bolus calculator helps to easily figure out how much insuline is required in any situation. Additionally Diaguard offers a food database with thousands of products to determine their carbohydrates and other nutriments.

  • Tracking blood sugar and other measurements with customizable units
  • Visualized data in a graph or as calendar-like log
  • Bolus calculator with dynamic factors
  • Food database with thousands of products
  • PDF and CSV export
  • Statistics

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