SkeletonLayout is an Android library for developers.


Users are time-sensitive and may skip an app due to long loading times and missing visual feedback. Instagram, Facebook, Google and other services tackled this problem with the so-called Skeleton View. This view is being displayed during the process of fetching or requesting data asynchronously which leads to a perceivedly more responsive app.

This library implements the Skeleton View pattern and provides an easy way for other developers to enable it in their apps.

  • Make your app feel faster: Immediate visual feedback long before your data has been fetched or requested
  • Support any View: Apply to any type of View or ViewGroup
  • RecyclerView on speed: Convenience adapter for the RecyclerView, since it is the main use case
  • Customization: Adjust shimmer, color and shape of the skeleton to set you apart from other apps
  • Minimum effort: A fistful lines of code to use the SkeletonLayout
  • Minimum footprint: Nothing more than org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib-jre7 and

Find out more on Github.

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